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I think my r/t is slow personally, mid 15s (if I can even do that) is not fast. heck imo anything higher than mid 13s is slow today, and soon mid 13s will be slow as well. If I wanted a truck that could be considered "fast" stock I'd have got a lightning, but there are other things more important than pure speed to me, especially for a vehicle you have to live with (maybe gas mileage should have been on my list initially and I'd have got a 4.7 lol). I wave to other dakotas/durangos if they're looking my way, usually get a wave or nod back. I don't get those guys who have their heads in the air...i mean what's the point. So far seen two r/ts on the road, both gave the nod/thumbs up...i dunno maybe it's r/t owners in other parts of the country lol. :jester:

oh yeah tip one to be faster, lose those massive 22s...ouch man that's alot of mass there.
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