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small leak on passenger side 3rd row seat

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My 98 Durango has just developed a leak by the window at the 3rd row seat, only noticed a few small drops about a table spoon of water at the cup holder all carpet is dry, head liner is moist and am wondering if any one else has had this problem, it did not leak the last time I gave her a washing 3 weeks ago, just this last down pore we got about an inch of rain in 6 hours.

It has rained since then with no leaks.

should I be looking at the window or the roof rack mount, I could just imagine a big rust hole under the rack mount ?.

any knowledge would be helpful
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Check your luggage rails. I had the same problem with my 98 and I finally figured out the leak wasnt the window, it was the bolts and washers on the rails that hold the spreaders on. I pulled them off, put silicone in the bolt holes, reattached it and my leak went away. The rubber seals dont last forever.
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