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SLEEPER dakota *CAUTION: 5.9 content inside*

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Heres my basic build thread from alld**otas.com figured I would fost it here to to see what you guys thought!
this whole project got started because:
1 i did not want to tear apart my 04 with 53,000 miles
2 i needed a beater truck
3 my friend with a v6 mustang thinks all trucks are slow.

first i bought the donor vehicle a 99' durango slt 5.9 loaded with options. for $300 it had been sitting for 2 years since the crash but it had a new tranny and only 140k on the motor so i thought it was a solid starting point.

then i bought a 97 dakota rc sport with a brand new 3.9 v6 but the tranny was going out the body is straight but the paint needs work. i picked it up for $900

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shot of the spare in the truck:

my abortion of a battery switch: (corded drill is not as delicate as my cordless i forgot at work)

battery switch mounted still have to finish some work on the bracket and switch its self, also add my pull rod:

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fixed the bracket:

fixed the switch:

threaded some rods( different lengths) to go out through the bumper to kill the power:

re drilled some jeep rotors too fit the Dakota:

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ya I started my tuck. soo many wires. and all of them are tangled up. did you keep all the grounds connected together? im thinking about cutting them and just grounding individual wires or a few together. how they are from factory makes it hard to clean up.
be careful with the grounds because some of them are sensor grounds and others are normal grounds so keep the ones that are together together.

what gauge wire are you going to use for the battery? do you have a facebook? I would like to add you to make it easier to talk.
im going to use 1/0 for the battery and 4 for the alt and starter that is my plan at the moment
powder-coated battery stuff:

powdered my rotors:

installed battery switch:

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this looks great! i just started my 8v swap
ya what he said ^
i have been slacking on updates the thread had lost interest!!!! so ill be sure to update soon!
update as promised! my memory card had an oops so i lost a ton of this trucks progress but this is what i have! (sorry for crappy cell phone pics)

front brakes:

hand brake. check!!!!



bunch of powder coat!!!!

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this is gnarly!! awesome work man
more powder!

washing motor parts:

made a magnetic drain bolt on the lathe

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in the truck for the final time!

headers were a pain!

more powdercoat

power steering cooler off of the 4x4

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no longer a jackstand queen she rolls!


not much room:

fan no fit!

did some swapping and came up with one that gives me some clearance:

built mounts


ac line don't fit stupid v8 swap

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finally. nice man. i need to come visit next time im up there
taken long enough haha!!! still have some small ends to button together and finish my megasquirt install then ill get to smell smoke and post videos. im gone racing for the next 3 weekends though so i don't know when ill get time to finish this.
I hear ya, im working a ton and working on finishing my motorcycle. Next time Im home will be in November or so. Not sure yet.
361 - 380 of 399 Posts
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