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Happy 4th of July!
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OK, I got the wheels and tires that I like, got some flares to cover em (well they are ordered) Now I need to remove that hideous gap between the tires and the truck!

I want a 2/4 or 2/3.5" drop. For the rear I want to get the Wester Chassis adjustable shackle/hanger combo. My last dakota had it and I loved it, cause 4" is just a bit much for the truck IMHO 3.5" looked perfect! BUT it was a reg cab, I don't know if the additional weight would take the front down a bit more, thus making a 4" rear about level...?

What should I do for the front drop. I am really tempted to get Eibach coils cause it's WAY soft as is upfront, I'd love to stiffen it up. Then I start thinking, why not get coilovers? QA1's er somthing, so I can dial how I want it to ride. I know it'd cost alot more, but it might be worth it in the long run. I can only wonder.

Has anyone swapped the front over to coilovers before? It seems like it wouldn't be terribly involved. The truck is basically a coilover as it, just need to weld some brakets on the A arms and remove that pesky spring pocket from the frame...

I don't drag race the truck, but what I call "driving" is racing to most everyone, so I'd like to tighten the front end up considereably. I am thinking a full poly kit (cab mounts too) and new sway bars front / rear (doesn't even have a rear one as it is right now). Any more suggestions?

Dropped Spindles

I lowered my 96 about 5 years back and used dropped spindles in the front. This worked well with no significant clearance problems and you still retain the stock wheel travel. Stiffer springs should also tighten up the front.
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