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I'm freaking snowed in as well as all the rest of the local population for the time being. Trying to refine the initial mold as much as possible well before pouring hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of mold material into place. Every square inch of material saved in the mold creation equates to a small fortune so I'm asking for all the owners of all the various Dakota and Durango models to post up a measurement of what will be the longest skirt in the set for your Gen and Model. I'll eventually get around to doing this myself for precise measurements but for now, having an idea as to what the longest piece is would help me out greatly in this regard. Obviously the longer piece would be that for the cab and most likely it will be the Durango but the Gen IV quad cab Dak has been reported to be about 79 inches so I dunno at this point.

Please, if you get the chance, post up your cab measurement or in the Durango's case the body run from wheelwell to wheelwell along with the year and model. Try to imagine you do not have mud flaps or fender flares when you measure so the space they take up will need to be included in the measurement.

As you can probably tell from this request, I'm going to try and accommodate the mold for ALL Gens and Models of the Dak and Durangos while also being able to accommodate for flares and/or mudflaps. Naturally, I'm going to make a mini mold for testing before I pour the Mega Mold. This attempt to accommodate ALL will not adversely affect the already planned "possible" availability date of Feb 22nd for Gen III CC and RC daks with flares.

Many thanks in advance...Jim

If a mod could add the needed "s" within the Title, I'd also appreciate that. Thank you kind Sir.
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