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Side Skirt Group Buy for 2013

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Finally was able to get the group buy setup on the DRTC site so it is official now. The following was copied directly from it:

This group buy is for one set of Side Skirts for a GenIII Dodge Dakota Club Cab, Regular Cab or Quad Cab. A set includes six skirt pieces made of white PolyUrethane, twenty self-tapping sheet metal screws, and an invoice with installation instructions.

This will end on April 30, 2013 and so your order will need to be made with at least a $150 deposit NLT that date.

The final price will be determined on May 1, 2013 by applying a % discount to the normal retail price of the set being ordered. Every order taken before May 1, 2013 will count as a 1% discount not to exceed 30%. For instance, if we get a total of 10 actual orders the discount will be 10%; 14 actual orders the discount will be 14%; and so on up to a max of 30%.

I will update this first post with the total amount of orders received at the end of each day that a new order was placed and on May 1, 2013 will calculate the final price using the discount obtained from the final total amount of orders.

Retail pricing is as follows and includes shipping:
Regular and Club cab models - $300
Quad cab models - $325

GenIII Dakota Club Cabs, Reg Cabs and Quad Cabs.

Guarantees and Warranties
Discrepancy/return period applies to all orders and lasts for 30 days after your set has been received. If you wish for me to correct any discrepancy, I will do so at no cost to you or you may elect to return the set at your cost for a full refund provided the set has not been altered. I do my best to ensure there are no discrepancies before I ship to keep my costs down as well as helping to ensure your satisfaction.

Payments with your order must be at least the $150 deposit amount with balance being paid in full prior to your set being shipped. I would prefer placing your order via PayPal to [email protected] or PM me with other method convenient for you.

Be sure to provide vehicle info and whether you have flares or not within the payment description.

Example: Side Skirts for a 1999 Reg Cab Dakota with flares.

I will contact you if you have a balance due when your set is ready for shipment at which time you will need to ensure any balance is paid in full. Any balance due should be made within a month of your set being ready to ship else you risk losing your deposit and any claim to your set. Contact me should you have difficulty doing so for I am flexible on this. Otherwise, if you have no balance due I will simply ship your set and notify you of the tracking info.

Shipping will be via FedEx to CONUS and UPS elsewhere and again is included in the final price. Shipping will begin NLT May 1st, 2013 and in the order for which the order was made and paid in full unless a more immediate need is expressed.

My email addy is also [email protected] and my cell# is 703-303-8570 if you need to reach me for any reason outside this forum.

Final Discount

Was expecting much better participation on this GB but with only two orders received, the final pricing shipped is as follows:

Regular and Club cab models - $294
Quad cab models - $318.50
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your name has been thrown around alot in the facebook groups. i know more than 1 person has been asking about these
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