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Shut Door/Window Drops

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Upon shutting my driver door today the window just falls into the door. I took off the panel ans found that the cable pully system is all fallen out of place. I have no picture of how the cables and such go with little plastic pieces and such. Can anyone help or at least post a schematic of the thing. thanks a bunch
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Not an uncommon occurrance. The little nylon cable guides get brittle and snap.. unfortunately there are no replacement pieces available, you just have to replace the regulator assembly. You can get them on ebay for like 30 bucks per door brand new complete with motor.
I did mine about a year ago. Got it from Rockauto. Easy job.
There ya go. Get your ass to work. lol

oh and there's a rockauto discount code on this forum, in their section.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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