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Hey Do you remember the stickers the Bombers and pilots in vietnam put on their planes, when they shot a plane? I think it would be a funny item to put under our windows.... i think about 1"x3", that would not be to big, or a little bit smaler. :rofl:
Did someone know where we can get it? or can somebody print them, for not to much money, i think about that most of us need very much of them....
Damn japanese Ricers. In Germany there are 90 % of all cars on the streets, we got meeting points on shopping mall parkings, where us cars and ricers meets.But you wont see a US car driver making show with handbrake helped burn outs and drive by with almost 60miles. because of them we got police controles every evening there. :fight:
Isn´t this an idea of showing them who they got to fear? :moon:
Greets from Germany
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