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Just wanted to know what type of shock is the best for my application. 99 Dodge Dakota R/T CC. Lowered 3" inches all the way around. 3" coils in the front and 3" Blocks in the rear. Which is a better shock:
1)Belltech Nitro Avtive
3)KYB MonoMax Gas Shock
Or if any body knows of a better shock please let me know. I dont want to bottom out and i want to keep my tires glued to the road as much as possible. Thanks..........

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Well, I wanted to know the same thing. Everyone keeps telling me that a Hotchkis 2/3 drop with custom tuned Bilsteins is the best setup for the R/T. I have one too, and just recently found Hotchkis Coils, Leafs, and Bilstein shocks. They are on their way to me. Whenever I get them on, I can let you know how they turn out. I am just worried about dragging my bumper cover in certain areas around here.


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I contacted Hotchkins and they told me that the Bilstein shock would not work for my application. 3" Drop with coils in the front and Blocks in the rear. Im getting rid of the blocks now and putting a 2" Shakle and Hanger from Belltech in the rear. And i think im going to go with the Belltech Nitro Active Shock. But let me know how you set up goes. Later.........CaliRT
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