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SinCity R/T said:
BTW if possible do not let a body shop convince you to blend the fenders or nose - this means they assume the color won't be a spot-on match and they try to overspray the new color onto other body panels so your eyes are fooled into thinking it matches. They did this to my silver truck the first time around and I could spot the different shades from a mile away, it took 3 more re-sprays before everything finally looked right.

I would much rather have the hood be a little bit off and force them to re-spray for color correction on just the hood than have 4-5 body panels not quite match 100%.

i recently sprayed a guys hood and it matched perfectly to the t. coulda been luck, but i like to think it was the paint used. used duplicolor permabase and thier chromo clear. the problem with most shops is they try to save every penny they can by using cheaper paint and what not. or by not using primer. when i got my roll pan sprayed it didn`t match at all, come to find out he didn`t primer it, and the black surface with blue paint made it darker, go figure.
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