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I just bought this 02 Dakota 3.9 truck a couple months ago, and it needed a tune-up as it was running a little rough. Did the tune-up, and immediately it said the O2 sensors were bad, and it still had a miss on cylinder 3, 5, & 6 (but it's not running that bad). Then there is the transmission issue I posted about earlier.

Then today my suspiscions were verified, the front axle's are not engaging in 4X4. Now, when I stop and turn the switch, it will blink one time and then change to either 4hi or 4lo with a solid light, and I feel the transfer case engage, but the front wheels do not pull at all.

After getting a chain and another truck, and getting on solid ground, with it still in 4x4, I jacked up the front end, and both front tires would spin freely. So I'm thinking, there might be a bad vacuum hose to the front axle actuator. If so a vacuum leak would explain it running rough and it throwing up trouble codes.

Or am I just completely off base, I mean I know I'm off my rocker, but am I wrong about this setup, or is there another explanation for all of it?
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