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I Just posted my console sub box on ebay if anybody would like to own this box. I made it myself. I have been building sub boxes for years now. I build my boxes better then most car audio places could. This box is very stealth and will fit one ten inch sub and can mount right between the seats so its very smooth and matches the contours of the seats. The sub is facing the floor of the truck and is not visible from the top or sided. The box has been fiberglassed on the top and is ultra strong and has been freshly carpeted. The air space is roughly .6-.8 cubic feet. Mounting depth is more then 6 inches. There are some pics there to if your interested. The starting bid is .99 good luck.


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Jeff_ATX said:
Nice. So, what happens when women sit on the box and you send it a 33hz test signal?
it means its time for some fun!!! :drool:
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