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Seat Belt Options?

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I just picked up a 1995 extended cab with a bench seat in the front. It runs fine, but there are a few little interior bits that need to be replaced. Mainly, I only have one functional seat belt. The buckles for the passenger and driver's seats are shot, so I'm using the buckle for the center seat. That's probably for the best, since it gives me a little more room (I'm a big guy), but I will have to figure something out for the passenger seat at the very least.

There are only two first gens in all of the salvage yards in the area, and neither of them have what I need. I can't really wait for something to arrive online, and I don't want to go out of town, so I'm thinking I might just use something off another Chrysler product. The yard I went to the other day has plenty of newer Dakotas and Durangos, as well as a few ZJ Grand Cherokees, a couple of Ram Vans, and some second gen Ram pickups. I didn't look at any of the non-truck, non-SUV Chryslers that they had, but I didn't see anything from around the same era as my truck anyway.

Has anyone ever retrofitted a first gen with belts from another vehicle before? What worked for you? The driver's seat has some issues and it seems kind of flimsy, so I might just replace the whole bench with some buckets (the upshot is, I'd consider seat-mounted belts). I don't really want to put too much more into this truck, but I can't drive around with a driver's seat that's going to flop around on me. Plus, the lever for it is bent out of shape. It's digging into the seat and seems like it's about to break off.
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