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Sd My Dakota

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I had to sell my Dakota this past weekend to get the funds to pay the closing costs on my New home, I had that truck for almost 15 years, it will now go to new owner who hopefully takes good care of it..

I still have my 2001 CC R/T though, I'm hoping my wife and I get this home purchase done with out having to sell it too..but we shall see...

I have posted up some of the left over engine parts we never got a chance to install in the swap meet section, if there is any interest, someone has the chance for a screaming deal on some stuff for a 3.9 v6 magnum.. you will not find a better deal on this stuff..
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Sold this weekend!

I had this Truck for a long time, it went to a good home now and it's time to move on...

The R/T project will continue though, just had to downsize a bit..


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It sucks selling a truck you have poured so much time and money and heart and soul into. I did the same with my 2003. I regret it every day
It looks like the sacrifice paid off as we got word we have enough cash to finish the closing now, just have to wait on the appraisal now and we should be good to go...
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