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Looking for info/advice on this.
I've replaced brakes on my `98 dakota before, but this is crazy.
It appears that something is causing the front calipers to
keep pressure applied even after lifting off the pedal.
It pretty much scorched and warped my rotors. I just put on a new
set of rotors and pads, lube'd slide pins and so on, but it's happening again
after 2 days.
I haven't had any problems with the ABS, and no sensor lights are on.
A local mechanic shop is trying to tell me that it's the Master Cylinder?
(now, usually when it's the master cylinder - it's just the opposite of this with
no pressure, (right?))
Any ideas?

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Ive had the same thing happen to me but it was my fault. I used the wrong type of grease on the slide pins ( :help: )and it obviously caused the calipers not to slide easily enough to release pressure on the rotors. After this happening like 5 times (even had to pull over once b/c it got way too hot...i had no brakes . also i regreased the pins with the right grease and this only helped but didnt cure the problem), i finally decided to talk to a friend of mine who is an ex-dodge tech and ask him WTF is going on. He told me that i probably messed up the seals in the calipers from them overheating. So, i went out and bought 2 replacement calipers and dot4 brake fluid (current brake fluid was damn nasty from overheating). Replaced them and bleed the lines with the new fluid. No problems ever since :biggthump

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Yea, i had a sneaky feeling that was going to be the cause.
I used the hightemp silicon grease on the pins, and actually ran it through
the guide as well to make sure they weren't stick'n, but I bet it's the seals.
Those are the original calipers, and the fluid when I bled the brakes was
a stanky brown....
Will post again after their installed...
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