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SAS Dakota Hemi swap build Thread

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Well its Officially began and I'm going to try my best to post the most info I can and instructions as I can...... But hell, I'll be learning this too and I might as well help others who are going down this road. With that said, I will need help from you guys as we go but I know enough people here can help down this road less traveled with the Hemi.

So here we go!!!

Background: Starting off with my 01 4.7 Dakota that is my crawler and weekend cruiser. Had 4.7 and then I went supercharged for 2 years and it just wasn't enough. Sold the supercharger and now beginning the swap. Just picked up my donor motor which is a 2008 Dodge Charger ex police car with a Crate Hemi with only 25k on it with paperwork. Picked it up last night for 2 grand after almost a 1,000 mile round trip.

Step one will be to pull Hemi out and then Pull rest of 4.7 out of the Dakota to begin.

My question for this week is the motor mounts....... I know the kit offered online that people use for about 180 is what I want to go with but my question is. I heard that one side of the kit is based off the 4wd diff like factory but mine use frame mounts on both side being SAS. Anyone have info on this?

I will try and post pictures and video as we go. This will be my Dakota build thread. Let me know any questions.

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Who makes headers for this application? I have a 4X4. Will Ram headers work?
I have a 4X4 2001 with a 2006 Ram 5.7 . Will Ram headers work or who makes a set for the swap?
I'm running the factory 05 ram manifolds but I think Schumacher Creative Services makes headers. I don't think they are cheap tho. Like $900 or something like that.
I sent you a PM
Did you make your own oil pan too? I set my hemi in the truck today and the Milodon oil pan hits the front diff!
1 - 6 of 94 Posts