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SAS Dakota Hemi swap build Thread

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Well its Officially began and I'm going to try my best to post the most info I can and instructions as I can...... But hell, I'll be learning this too and I might as well help others who are going down this road. With that said, I will need help from you guys as we go but I know enough people here can help down this road less traveled with the Hemi.

So here we go!!!

Background: Starting off with my 01 4.7 Dakota that is my crawler and weekend cruiser. Had 4.7 and then I went supercharged for 2 years and it just wasn't enough. Sold the supercharger and now beginning the swap. Just picked up my donor motor which is a 2008 Dodge Charger ex police car with a Crate Hemi with only 25k on it with paperwork. Picked it up last night for 2 grand after almost a 1,000 mile round trip.

Step one will be to pull Hemi out and then Pull rest of 4.7 out of the Dakota to begin.

My question for this week is the motor mounts....... I know the kit offered online that people use for about 180 is what I want to go with but my question is. I heard that one side of the kit is based off the 4wd diff like factory but mine use frame mounts on both side being SAS. Anyone have info on this?

I will try and post pictures and video as we go. This will be my Dakota build thread. Let me know any questions.

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Well, got the Charger in the garage and got it pulled. Overall it wasn't too bad. I know this is taking some time but just started new job and I'm working 12 hour days pretty much 5 days a week which make it hard to work on after but I'm managing. Next step is to pull in the dakota and finish removing the 4.7 then test fitting things. Also managed to test fit the new 2014 srt seats in the rear and boy are they going to look and feel nice in there.

question of the day....... Wire harness from an 08 Charger? I know everyone says use the ecu and harness from an 05 but is there really a difference and is it going to really be that big of a difference between the two? any help would be nice.

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I'm gonna say yes. There are going to be differences. FSM from both vehicles will help

So I just noticed that the hemi ecu is a 3 prong set up as well as the Dakota running a 3 prong as well. From all I've seen online is the hemi swaps run 4 plugs after the swap. Anyone have any input on this?
The fourth plug is transmission control from the ecm.
being that my truck is a manual, I dont need it right? since the manual trans pretty much doesnt have any wiring?
So I got the Motor pulled and I have a few questions for anyone........ This is a manual, so I'm going to have to put the clutch and flex plate onto the Hemi. This should bolt right up from the 4.7 to the 5.7 right? and the motor mounts the company online makes for the 5.7 swap should work with these factory mounts right? And the last question is that with the solid axle swap i thought I didn't have to get the modified oil pan but looks like the drag link and tie rod may be in the way of the factory oil pan. With the modified oil pan, does it move the main deep part of the oil pan to the back? any input would help

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Ran into another question. Since I'm keeping the truck a manual, do I use the Flywheel from the 4.7 along with the 4.7 clutch and bolt that onto the Hemi and be fine doing it that way or will I need a 5.7 Flywheel? IDK of anyone else or forum with a 5 speed right up.
Well I managed to get all the wiring out and decided to ship it off to hotwire and just bite the bullet and have them do it. Also went down and bought new tires for the truck. This weekend will consist of putting a new clutch and flywheel on the hemi and getting it prepped for reinstall

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Little update since its been a while. Just got the wiring back from hotwireauto about a week ago and installed the harness. I planned on installing the motor last sunday but figured out I needed to buy a flywheel off a 2008 hemi instead of running the 4.7 flywheel. That comes in today. I still need to swap the oil pick up tube on the hemi to the dodge truck one that picks up in the rear and put the new oil pan on as well as install flywheel and Clutch. I'm hoping within two weeks It will be running and maybe driving! Just giving you guys a update
Well I got the motor prepped and ready to put in. New oil pump and rear mounted oil pick up tube with the Hemi flywheel and the clutch installed. Its ready to be put in! Only bummer is the motor mounts I ordered for the swap do not work. I guess I didn't realize that 2wd and the 4wd brackets are different. So now I will have to custom make my brackets. Planning on doing this and putting the motor in this Sunday and finishing it up on Monday. I will keep you guys posted.

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Well as of last night we have a Hemi mounted to the nv3500. Not many people have done a hemi swap to the manual so its kind of figuring things out as I go. Its bolted up and my buddy is going to tac in the new motor mounts tonight since he can weld way better than I can but the motor is now in the truck!!

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I got the motor in but unfortunately the alternator wont fit because it is the 08 charger Hemi and the starter is on the lower side against the frame rail. So either I'm going to notch the frame or try and re locate the alternator
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Have you looked at the accessory mount, for a Ram w/ Hemi? The alt location on those might be higher.

Because of the intake on the charger, it wont allow me to. Only one place makes what I need and its no joke $1900. I called them and everything and thats all they sell. Dang mopar! haha if this was a chevy then i would of had one at my house by now. The price you pay to have something different. I may try and see if I can make my own bracket setup tonight but it deff wont be easy
Just to make sure I understand you. When you say "intake on the charger" I'm going to assume that what you're saying is, the intake design is different when used on the Charger than the Ram and you aren't talking about an intake for a Supercharger, correct?

Because I haven't done this type of swap and going by photos I've found of a 5.7 Hemi as used in a Ram vs a Charger. The alternator is located up high on the Ram and as far as I can see the only main difference in the intake is, the Ram version uses a 90 degree throttle body as opposed to the Charger's straight thru style. I don't know if there are other physical differences in the actual intake manifold. They could be the same or very similar and it might be possible to bolt a Ram throttle body to the Charger's intake manifold. If the manifolds are different and you can't install a Ram TB to the Charger's manifold, you might want to consider using the entire Ram manifold.

Think of it this way. Mopar folk are smarter because they can do more with less. And Chevy doesn't make a Hemi. For all the benefits of an LS, they are really overrated. Give me a Hemi any day.

If it were me, I'd rather cut the frame, before I spent $1900. For a few bucks more, I would look into having a bracket fabricated to fit the original bracket, that would relocate the alternator a bit higher up, then find a serpentine belt to fit. Or fab up an entirely different bracket


Yeah, the newer charger hemis have a different intake so id have to change that and the cost of that is just too much. I think I'm going to just try and fab up my own alternator bracket. That way I can keep the AC and all of that. I'm going to try and just focus on getting the truck running tomorrow with all the lines and all that then worry about the alternator after that.

And I agree about the HEMI. So many people told me to put a ls in it and I said no way. Have to keep it mopar.
Well I got the alternator issue fixed. As well as got the new tires mounted. Keep getting behind but hopefully this week I could fire it up.

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I tried to fire over the truck yesterday and the stater engages but gets stuck and wont turn over the motor. Do you think that the starter and the 08 Hemi flywheels don't work together? Maybe I need the 08 starter? will that even work? Like I said tho...... it engages and then the Bendix stays in the flywheel. If you grab a screw driver, you can pop it back down. Any advice?
no idea about the starter clearance, but you're sure the clutch/trans are fully disengaged? IOW nothing else preventing the engine from rotating? No timing pins engaged somewhere etc? I've missed the simplest things more times than I can count...
I think its all free. Spun the motor a few weeks ago putting it in. Rolled it out of the garage a few times too. rolls just fine and then if you put it in gear and try to push it, it stops just like it would regularly. Just feel like something funking is going on with the starter. idk
I assume you’re running the 45RFE transmission. If so, I recommend buying the 08 Ram Hemi starter, being there is a difference between the 04 and 08 Ram Hemi starters. I used my 04 Dakota starter on my 04 Hemi and had no issues, being the transmission were the same between the two trucks. Now the 08 still share the 45/545RFE so I’m not sure why the PN of the starters would change, unless maybe the flywheels were different. The other thing would be to switch the flywheels out. Maybe running a 04 flywheel would be the trick. More research would need to be done to determine the difference between the two flywheels before going that route. There are other HEMI swapped Dakotas running the LX 5.7 motors. I’ll see if I can get a hold of the and find out what they used.
I'm running the nv3500 5 speed. Unfortunately not many people have done this so the information out there isn't that good if any
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