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Think I might get more responses this way. It's time sensitive- readin up on all this soon before makin' my purchase.

This is my first new guy question. I'm new to all this four-wheelin' but I'm interested to know when the right time to swap your axles is. I understand a little bit about the different names (Dana 44, 60, Ford 8?.. others) and that they are required on some setups. On the same note, I've been looking into different suspension lifts (found the 3" Rancho and 5.5" Tuff Country that some say is crap). I would like to go for an aggressive stance with some four wheeling capability behind it, so no body lift. If I were to go with over a 33" tire, say a 35" on the right inch lift, would I require a new axle? I mean, when is it time to replace your axles? I'd hate to have them 'snap' or break (sorry, modifying cars doesn't have much to do with axles...) on me. Plus, I need something for daily commute, if there's a difference. I'll keep searching the forums, but if you have any answers, they'd be greatly appreciated!! Thanks


btw, I'm looking to purchase a first gen 5.9L Durango. so I don't actually have it yet. It's just good to know this stuff first.
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