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For those of us living in the great white snow belt, may be worth a look at your oil pan on the 4.7. When I bought my 2001 Dak SLT used with 153,000 miles it looked good, ran great and minimal rust that i was able to fix. But it had a persistent oil leak which I thought was a failed plug seal or gasket. Till I happened to press my finger into the front leading edge of the oil pan and it almost went through! The 4.7 oil pan in the Dak hangs a bit below the front bumper profile, so it gets all the road spray/blast/salt/moisture. No issue, until the outer layer (the pan is a dual layer for sound deadening) rots through and traps all the worst against the inner oil pan.

So I replaced the oil pan with a salvage pan (which still cost me $100). Before I installed it, I scrubbed it, cleaned it, primer/paint, finally a thick coating of pickup bed liner. So if you have a persistent oil leak, it may be the oil pan itself rotted through until the inner layer fails.If that happens, good luck trying to fix it from the outside.
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