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If you are looking to give your Dakota/Durango an entirely new look without breaking the bank, a new set of OE Creations Wheels will do the trick. With these rims, you don't have to compromise between the look and quality as they deliver the best of both worlds. These custom wheels combine the appeal of OEM styles with refined craftsmanship and striking finishes, offering a stylish upgrade over your stock rims.

Each OE Creation wheel is engineered with precision to match the size, bolt pattern, and offsets of your vehicle's stock rims to ensure proper fitment, providing the same or greater level of ride quality. All wheels are made to order and available in a variety of finishes.

Keep your Dakota/Durango looking like it just rolled off the factory floor with OE Creations Wheels!

OE CREATIONS® - 160 Gloss Black

OE CREATIONS® - 106 Anthracite with Machined Lip

OE CREATIONS® - 178 Satin Black

OE CREATIONS® - 161 Copper

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