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repost: What's your 1/4 mile time?

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Originally posted by fatmat789:

I am just wondering what everyones 1/4 mile time is.....what is it? And SinCity, I know you run a 13.4 now. What was your time before you put the nitrous on? Just wondering what I might be getting. Thanks guys,

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Originally posted by SinCity R/T:

My best N/A pass is [email protected] at LVMS. That is with my 360AirIntake, 52mm Fastman, M1 2bbl, Mopar Headers, MBRP Cat-Back Exhaust, B&G M1 PCM, and E/T Streets. LVMS is about .7 or so slower than sea level.:woot:
Originally posted by 287PAXDAK:

[email protected]

13.5 @ 102 run

Paxton huffer
curb feelers
shag carpet
Originally posted by one fast CC:

14.07 @ 97.75 n/a

2.08 60', K&N C.A.I., F&B 52mm, M1 2bbl, mopar headers, cutout, shortbelt (bypasses a/c and p/s), 160 t stat, taylor 8mm wires, brass cap'n' rotor, no computer mods :eek:

12.96 @ 106.29
added 150 shot, 2.007 60', M Saine valve body, no clutch fan(factory electric one only):D

troy b.
Originally posted by Evil98rt:

[email protected] with 2.0 60ft on mt et streets 26x10.5.x15. I need a suspension upgrade lol :)

[email protected] mph... my truck is a big bitch on the motor. 2.14 60ft with slicks, no spin
My best time so far is a [email protected] in a 2001 CC Black R/T with just boltons.

Ryan H.
hey, could you fellas copy n paste this info over into the official times thread?

Y may need to add one or two things or list your mods.

Thnx, Ryan
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