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LeeGWU said:
Like I said, this is my only mod (to date - Magnaflow came in the mail and I need to install) and I lost about 1MPG - but I can live with that loss. Just wondering "why" it happened since I should have gained about 1MPG (theoretically).
I'm looking at the picture of that intake and thinking to myself: "Where is the >cold< air coming from?" and I can't think of an answer. The FIPK (and other single sided intakes) moves the filter directly into the path of cold air entering from the front of the truck (where they instruct you to remove the rubber flap - allowing the air to enter) with a heatshield in place in an attempt to insulate it from the engine/exhaust heat.

Both filters on that dual intake setup appear to be directly over the exhaust manifolds with no attempt at sheilding the heat away.

I don't want to be the one to piss in your Cheerios, and keep in mind that I have absolutely NO emperical evidence of this, but I doubt that you've gained any HP by using this, and believe that this is the reason for your loss of MPG. Have you tried to put the stock intake back on to see if the MPG improves?
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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