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repost: Cold Air Intake?

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Original post by Stampede:

I want to get a cold air intake for my 4.7. Which is the best? At this point I have been looking at the 360 Air Intakez and the Intense Performance. Would one of these be best, or would another be better? :confused:
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LeeGWU said:
Thanks for the info/point-of-view -- and don't worry about pissing on my Cheerios. I am kicking myself in the rear for spending money on that setup.

I was actually going to stop tonight and buy a K&N drop in and put the stock housings back on. I have been thinking and thinking and the only way I know to "insulate" the air from engine heat is to have the filter in a box -- but then the thought of having the air coming through the grill and rammed into a filter sounds like it is "cold" air. So, I cannot decide on a K&N drop in, or a 360. The 360 setup looks as if the filter is down by the passenger side exhuast manifold or at least just above it....so I am wondering how that is "cold" air.
The 360Air "Kool Shot" uses the factory air system but provides a drop-in filter and an improved tube between the air box and air hat.

The 360Air "Power Shot" uses a bigger filter and smoother air passage, and uses a heat shield (check out the new box-shaped shield, looks nice!) to help filter out the hotter engine bay air.
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