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Regional Thread: Pittsburgh

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How many members do we have here in the Pittsburgh area?

Anyone up for a Get Together this Spring after the weather gets better?
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Let me know too. I live right by the waterfront. Sorry, Hi, I am new to this forum but have posted on Dodgetalk under ddsxt02 for about 2 years. I just traded my 02 3.9 dakota in for a 2000 r/t in december. I also belong to delphi under the same name here....ddrt00. I am always around the waterfront and lookin for other dodge enthusiasts.....so count me in.
Robinson is fine by me. Takes about 30 minutes for me, but i'm cool with that.
Sounds good. It is really easy to get there. Take RT.51 North to the parkway and jump on going towards the airport. Get off at Robinson exit. It is really only 2 turns from my house.
I'm ready. Just pick a date...although with the luck i've been having, I will probably have to work, or do wedding plans. We'll see though.
April 8th is Easter. I won't be able to make it then. Another day is more likely. I have to check my schedule. Sorry I'm not much help right now.
I'd meet up. I live about 15 minutes south of Pittsburgh. Near Kennywood Park.
1 - 6 of 90 Posts
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