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Regional Thread: Pittsburgh

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How many members do we have here in the Pittsburgh area?

Anyone up for a Get Together this Spring after the weather gets better?
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Cool! We're getting more people in the 'fairly' local area. I'd be up for something, but I don't turn 21 till september so a bar wouldn't work :jester:
Kooopsd said:
Thats ok we need a DD... :eek:nethumb:
:jester: I already play DD for my dad from time to time.
I've been to Dave and Buster's before, real nice place!

Put up an address for the places too...
Mike :boid: My boss won't let us work 4 10's... "What if we get a rush order?" yeah yeah... Doesn't matter right now though, we're on 48hr weeks anyway. I'm on midnights too, so much nicer than days and afternoon turn can blow me :jester:

I didn't realize you had to be 21 at D&B...is was in there with my dad, GF and step-mom when Ladder 49 came out, we saw it at Lowes theater. As long as someone is over 25 though, that would be fine anyway.

Saturday would be best for me and probably for most, but friday and sunday would be fine as well.
I hear you on that, I drive 30min one way and I wouldn't want to do any more than that. Been where I am for 2 1/2 years now (started a week after graduation) and couldn't be much happier.

I started out at 9.50, I'm at 13.95 now and should be up to 18.50 in a couple months. I get 14 days paid vacation, 7 paid holidays, hospitalization/RX/dental at SUPER low cost, profit sharing (9% this year!!!) and much more. Tons of perks and its a good place to work. People ask me all the time why I don't try to get in at the GE Deisel Engine Plant which is 2miles from me, I could make $23+ an hour but I'd have to worry about layoffs.

Anyway, end hijack
RedDodge 97 said:
Hey, I'd like to come and hang out with you guys!
You aren't allowed! :jester: Just messing with you, of course you can!

Just keep an eye out for us to set a date and place...
I don't know about you guys, but saturday would be best for me. Just an FYI. If it turns out that most of you prefer sunday, I could take a vacation day
Ok, sunday it is. Just give me at least a week notice so I can put in for a vacation day.
1 - 8 of 90 Posts
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