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Regional Thread: Pittsburgh

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How many members do we have here in the Pittsburgh area?

Anyone up for a Get Together this Spring after the weather gets better?
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well as soon as this weather breaks for spring we'll pick a place to meet....

Maybe a Steak House or Pub!
we'll have to pick a location that is Central to most of us........

How about the Texas Steakhouse on RT30 near where Greengate Mall used to be outside of Greensburg?
I'm thinking it might be a good idea to wait till at least sometime in late March or April to decide on a Date.........

Don't want to plan this too soon only to have a Snow Storm Ruin things! :nono: :rant:
Well I'm hoping this weather is gonna Hold, but I don't think this little bout of warm weather is gonna last very long........

First thing I think we need to do is pick a location that is easy for everyone to find and get to....... without going into downtown Pittsburgh if possible.

and someplace that everyone can legally get into as well

can we get a few reasonable suggestions??
RedDodge 97 said:
I don't know how far this is for some of you, but we could always do it somewhere in The Robison Town Centre. Maybe at the quaker steak & lube, it has a fairly big parking lot.
That sounds Good to me, I'll just have to get directions as I don't venture that far North that often..........

we'll need to set a day and time.....

how does everybody feel about doing this on a Sunday afternoon?

maybe some time in April... perhaps??
ddrt00 said:
Sounds good. It is really easy to get there. Take RT.51 North to the parkway and jump on going towards the airport. Get off at Robinson exit. It is really only 2 turns from my house.

I just checked the website they have for the address and they don't list it,
They probably have not updated the site with that one yet.....

I did see the one they list for the Pleasant Hills area....

That one is in your backyard practically!
I found the Directions........I'll just run over to Washington and come up I-79!

Much Faster for me that way and I won't have to deal with the traffic on Route 51!
RedDodge 97 said:
I don't think I would be able to come if it was on a sunday because I have flying lessions at noon until 2, unless we had it sometime after that. Saturday's work well to.

With the weather getting better and it staying light longer, I'd say it would be a safe bet we'll be there till at least 6 or 7 on a Sunday evening..

maybe even later than that......
Sunday would probably be better for everyone I think......

My Saturday's are usually spent at work trying educate the ******** on proper ways to fix the mess they make of Car or Truck they are working on....
Hey Guys!

Heads Up on this one!

I know it is short Notice, But a few friends of mine over on DTW planning a Get together on March 24 about 5-6 pm at the Quaker Steak and Lube in Robinson Township....

Thought maybe you guys might be up for it if anyone is available that day...

I'm off that day, so I may just go on over......
Last I heard it was on Rain or Shine! :eek:nethumb:

I'm going to PM jesse, and see if he wants to go! :wave:
hippy said:
we need to plan one for another day soon :beer:
Yup!...........Real SOON!
I'm planning on trying to make the Sept 8th meet in Rockbridge, oh.....

just not sure which Dakota I'll bring, I might bring the 2002 2wd, it needs a Road trip blow out the Carbon!
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