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Regional Thread: Philadelphia

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This thread has been created for people who live in or near the Philadelphia area to discuss local topics such as car shows, tech assistance, shops, etc.

Please take the time to also post your contact info in the Region 1 registry:
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im up for one too. hell, i just need to detail my whip and im good....lol
maybe we all meet sometime at maple grove or atco? maple grove is such a better track though..lol imo
cool, they have a test and tune ont he 24th at the grove. i also seen pinks is being filmed there in may too.

March 17-18 Spring Flea Market 2-days (no racing) info
March 24 Test & Tune
March 25 ET Bracket Warm-up
March 31 Money Trail #1
April 1 Money Trail #2
April 7 Test & Tune - Grudge Racing
April 8 EASTER - Closed
April 14 Money Trail #3
April 21 Money Trail #4 + NE Pro Street Shootout
April 28 Money Trail #5
April 29 High School Challenge (info)
May 4 Friday Night Grudge Racing
May 5 Money Trail #6
May 6 Money Trail #7 - end session #1
May 11 PINKS registration + Test & Tune for pre-registered cars only.
May 12 pre-registration limited to 350 entries - HERE
May 13 Mother's Day - closed
May 15-18 Doug Foley Drag Racing School (800) 485-4746
May 18 Friday Night Grudge Racing
May 19 Money Trail #8
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yeah, no mud for my baby..lol pieces of tire on the rear quater though..lol im heading down to VA this weekend though, meeting up with jasonb61. hes taking this cowl hood i have finally.. was hoping he would want this airdam too.
i know you posted this awhile ago but if you havnt found a exhaust shop yet, theres a good one off of I-95. take 95 south to rt. 322/chichester. The shop is called Mighty Muffler and it is off of 322. im not sure about the exact address but you can probably mapquest it or something. He does awesome work.
he does do nice work. he did mine too. did my teal one too. did my ram also.
hes right where rt. 452 and rt. 322 meet up at. its in aston pa. 19014.
anyone want to meet up today? someone suggest a place. how bout that nechaminy business complex or whatever its called, right behind the wawa on rt. 1 and old lincoln highway? same main lot as where that steak and ale is. (i have a birthday gift card i havent used yet, so this is my wek attempt to go and use it maybe..lol)

my whip is all detailed up, and wheeled and polished. btw, anyone need theirs done, my cousin does an awesome job of it. i can hook you guys with his number, since you all are reasonably close.
i cant find time to go anywhere today and im still detailing mine so shes not quite ready to go. i live about 2 miles south of the graniet run mall so rt. 1 would be easy sailing. maybe another day.
wanna get a hold of my cousin? call him up for a price, couple hours, hes done. he even will come to your house. pm me if your interested.
anyone looking to set something up?
May 23 - 25

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May 26 Rain-date for LODRS
May 30 Friday Night Grudge Racing
May 31 Money Trail #10

June 1 Money Trail #11
June 6 Friday Night Grudge Racing
June 7 Money Trail #12
June 8 Street Battles plus Test and Tune
June 13 Friday Night Grudge Racing
June 14 Money Trail #13
June 15
June 20 Friday Night Grudge Racing
June 21 1st Annual Night of Fire

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June 22 Rain Date for Nite of Fire
June 27 Friday Night Grudge Racing
June 28 Money Trail #14
June 29 Street Battles plus Test and Tune

July 4 Friday Night Grudge Racing
July 5 Money Trail #15
July 6 Money Trail #16
July 11 Friday Night Grudge Racing
July 12 Money Trail #17 NO JUNIORS
July 13 Super Sunday Shootout
July 17 - 20
(event info)
July 25 Friday Night Grudge Racing
July 26 DLP Super Bike Shootout
July 27 Street Battle plus Test and Tune

August 1 Friday Night Grudge Racing
August 2 Money Trail #18
August 3 Money Trail #19
August 9 - 10 Closed - in preparation for national event
August 14 - 17 24th annual
Toyo Tires NHRA Nationals
(ticket info)
August 22 Friday Night Grudge Racing
August 23 Money Trail #20 Points Finale
August 24 Street Battles plus Test and Tune
August 29 Friday Night Grudge Racing
August 30 Money Trail #21 Points Finale
August 31 Pontiac King of the Track

September 1 Labor Day - CLOSED
September 5 - 6
September 7 Rain-date for Geezers
September 12 Friday Night Grudge Racing
September 13 ET Bracket Racing Super, Pro, Top Bike
and Street eliminators receive a NHRA
Wally. NHRA JR Challenge
September 14
September 20 Test & Tune
September 21
Sept 25 - 27 NED Summit ET Finals
September 28 Rain-date ET Finals

October 4 10K PRO Footbrake
October 5 5K PRO Footbrake
October 7 - 8 Doug Foley's Drag Racing School
October 11 Grudge Racing - Test & Tune
October 12 Trophy Sweepstakes + ET Bracket Race
October 18 Fall Flea Market 1-day
October 19 UTI Trophy Fun Day
(street type cars only, no drag tires) open to public
October 23 - 26
NED Pennsylvania
Dutch Classic XXXIIX Presented by: GMC Trucks


November 1 Grudge Racing - Test & Tune
November 2 2007 Season Finale ET Bracket Race
Updated 12/4/07

lets pic a day at the races or something...? im dying to find out what mine will run.

june 6th, or the 20th is good for me...and isnt so short notice. think its 20.oo to get in and race all night long.

also the chryslers at carlisle is coming up too
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post a date...maybe it will be a nice turnout
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