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Regional Thread: Las Vegas

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This thread has been created for people who live in or near the Las Vegas area to discuss local topics such as car shows, tech assistance, shops, etc.

Please take the time to also post your contact info in the Region 7 registration list:
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Does anyone in Las Vegas have an old pair of 15x6 or 15x7 wheels with tires lying around? I'm trying to find something within the next week to use as "poor man's front skinnies" to reduce some of the racing weight.

I have a pair of OEM 15x8's w/o tires that are great for mounting drag radials/slicks at the track that can be used for trade if desired.

I'd prefer to deal with someone in Las Vegas if possible just because the next racing day is Friday 3/16, and I don't want to spend a bunch of money on shipping.
I posted mine up for sale before truckin nats!! Would have been free shipping then :slap:
15x7's w/ 205/65?/15
Wheels in Sig vvvvvv
I didn't know I'd be .3 away from an 11-sec timeslip at the time ;)
I ALMOST brought them in case someone wanted them. :funny:
Come to Famoso and they're yours :jester:
If I had managed to finish an N2O pass in Phoenix I probably would have been desperately scrounging for a set - 12.3 in Las Vegas is 12.0-12.1 in Phoenix.

Out of state trips aren't in the budget for awhile - gotta get some bills taken care of, and save up for my big trip to Denver later this summer.
I also have a set of Wade black plastic bed rail & tailgate protectors for sale. I bought these for one of my previous trucks but took them off before it was sold, and don't need them for the current truck. I think I paid $110 for the whole set on E-Bay; they were used for less than a month. There is a couple of small cracks on the inside edges from when I pulled them off (the double-sided tape is sticky!) but you'd probably never notice them when re-installed. These are really useful for trucks that are used for work, haul a lot of stuff, or see a lot of off-roading - keeps the bed rails protected without having to pay big bucks for a permanent over-the-rail spray liner.

Asking $50 for the whole set. Prefer pickup in Las Vegas, but if you want to spend the extra ~$40 or so it would cost to buy a really long box & ship it somewhere that's up to you.
Hey Guys. I'm new here. My name it Tom. I was a Long time Dodge Charger owner, and part of the Charger Forums. But now do to the times I had to sell the Charger. Now I have a white 2000 Dodge Durango SLT 4X4, and love it. One of my friends from the Charger club has a Black Dodge Dakota R/T that is hella fast. He had a silver Charger SRT-8 at one time and his name was Stive. Well I'm here Stive and I love this site.

So and any Dakota/Durango meets here in Vegas? If not I want to try and start one up.
Hi Tom, glad you found your way over to the site.

I've tried getting some sort of Dak/Dur meet here in town but just haven't been able to find enough local people who are interested. There's a ton of trucks here in town including R/T's, they just don't care about car clubs/racing/car shows/internet sites/etc.

Your best bet is to hang out with the www.lvsrt.com crowd on tuesday evenings, or the www.desertmuscle.net group which meets every other wednesday on the extreme northwest corner of town.
Hey guys. I'm going to the LX Mopar meet tonight at Sonic in front of Palms hotel at 7pm. I'm Taking my Durango. Come out and take about Mopar stuff.
already have other plans tonight, sorry...
hey steve did you ever get that problem figured out about your truck that you were tellin me about when we were puttin on matts intake?
No, I haven't had time to really look at it. I need to get off my ass and start tearing it apart because Mopars at the Strip is coming fast. I'm already going to miss out on TnT opportunities this weekend.
Until something can be formally organized, then I'd highly recommend hanging out with the LVSRT group (tuesdays from 7pm until about 10pm at the In & Out on Sahara west of I-15), or Cars & Coffee (saturday mornings from 7am to 11am in the parking lot on the east side of Eastern, a few blocks south of I-215).

You don't have to own an SRT to hang with the LVSRT group. Most of the members have SRT-4's but they're very Mopar friendly all around.
hey do they still meet then? i now have a 04 RC SRT-10 and i know there isnt many of them rolling around in the LV... any help would be great
Yes, both LVSRT and Cars + Coffee still meet at the same places/times.

FYI... Some LVSRT first-timers only perform a 2-second drive-by on Sahara and don't bother pulling in to look around, then whine about not seeing the group on the forum the next day. The group meets at the back of the store where there's more parking and less customers to get in the way. The group will sometimes head inside for ~30 mins to sit down for a bite to eat, so if you don't see people standing next to the cars go inside and find them, or just wait for everyone to come back outside.
Is there anyone in the Las Vegas area with a Dodge Dakota who either already has SS grilles (lowers), or is ready to buy a set?

I have a different way of mounting the lower grilles, that doesn't require mangling your hands trying to reach behind the bumper, nor removing the bumper from the truck. I'd like to shoot a "how to" video for the procedure.

If you and your truck are available, please let me know.
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