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Regional Thread: Las Vegas

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This thread has been created for people who live in or near the Las Vegas area to discuss local topics such as car shows, tech assistance, shops, etc.

Please take the time to also post your contact info in the Region 7 registration list:
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hey steve did you ever get that problem figured out about your truck that you were tellin me about when we were puttin on matts intake?
hell ya you better lol i wanna see that beast run that weekend the couple years ive went ive seen maybe one dakota race we need all of them out there that we can!!
Hey guys i dont think ive ever posted in here, but hey im chris and i live in Henderson.. Does anyone ever meet up? if so where? or would you guys wanna try to start meeting up?

hell yea i would love too but like steve says hes tried to but not that many people are intrested in it ya no but i would love it that would be sick shit
yes sir mats is wat im lookin forward too :)
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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