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Regional Thread: California

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Here ya go BooHoops :mullet:
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dammit..lol anyways that posting said san bruno for location
So I am driving through Tracy the other day and a slammed Red extended cab RT pulls in front of me with a bed cover with wing.. Nice looking truck... anyone on here?
It might have been Russ Crow. He lives in Tracy.
anybody on here with a silver ext. cab r/t in or around pacifica?? seen th guy on crespi and on hiway 1 just recently
spotted in redwood city, black dak cc r/t on black r/t wheels with silver decals, possibly lowered.. anyone on here the owner?
If anyone sees the clown car colored Gen II Dak....that's me. :D

There is a 97 Supercharged Dakota Sport near my house here, talked to him actually but he's not on here...trying though.:D
california ****
Anyone up in northern California near Stockton, discovery bay, Tracy, manteca area?
I'm in antioch
I'm in Tracy, 11th street near the Safeway/OSH Center, if you want to call it that.
Anyone near Beale AFB
capitol city dak over here. like how the last post is 2 years old in this sub forum. this forum is a very dead compared to the focusfanatics forums i used to be on.
Well It used to be a happening forum but then again I moved out of California and moved to Texas... Gotta say I miss Cali but the cost of living out here is way more enjoyable
my uncle move out there to buy a house cause it's a lot cheaper.
Sacramento wed drags, need more members there. 15 bucks to run
hey folks, wow bringing this back from the dead. San Diego area guy here. 02 dur dur
81 - 97 of 97 Posts
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