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Regional Thread: California

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Here ya go BooHoops :mullet:
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anyone interested in a dyno day? i could set it up with some friends of mine that run a dyno shop in south san francisco. anyone interested? i can find out what pricing would be for 3 pulls and afr readings. anyone?
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it is south san francisco :D
will do. I thought about this right after you left the shop today. For a dyno day, i know that they don't do any major tuning stuff. On a side note, they are sct dealers and can do tunes
look at it this way sean, these will be your pre numbers. Before you buy my s/c setup from me :D
im gonna be running a 70 or 76mm turbo on a fully forged .030 over 318
haha go figure huh?

o, well a dyno pull is better than no dyno pull i guess....haha, after i scrape up money for th dyno day ur gonna hav to slash that s/c price in half! but uh, yea if ur turbo doesnt work out, maybe ill take that instead!

we can work out some sorta deal!!
nope i forgot, I even went over and picked up an alternator from them today. Call me tomorrow, and remind me
ok, i got some pricing for a dyno day. $50 for 3 pulls w/ a/f ratio and printout. We would need a minimum of 8 cars to get this price. So far i got me and sean, anyone else interested?
i think i'll be going to jimmys picnic
thats a damn good price.. my guy charges $100 for 3 or 4 pulls w/ AFR monitoring and print out as well
normally they are 85 for 3 pulls w/ afr and printout. This is a great price. They are located in South San francisco on mission rd. It would be on a saturday or sunday. I need to get at least 8 guys together that would definately show up. I can start a list:

1. Lucky 13
2. Boohoops
hot damn! that price totally works for me!! guess I better get t work on my exhaust!

if we don't get enough from the boards here, I mite kno a few other ppl who mite be interestted(non mopar owners tho)
have em email me at [email protected] Other brands are welcome
aside from you and me, I only have 1 maybe 2 other guys that would for sure go. do you know anyone who would be interested?
and where are my et streets???? :nana::stirthepo:D
nice try...
have fun guys I would love to dyno barney again but unfortunately I dont have any belts left after our last play day. Xmas is bringin me March Serpentine Belts setup and Im planning on 4.10 also this winter. Can we say Mid 12's
The way this is going we wont be going any time soon!:huh:
no problem...I gotta order em soon, trying to find em cheap!
nope been way too busy with other crap right now. Across from my shop, theres a good body shop (Image Autobody). Phil, the owner is a good guy and takes care of his customers well. I'm gonna be dropping off my wifes durango there in a couple weeks, she was in a minor accident. You gotta stop by the shop sometime sean...you can drool all over my new toy for the dakota!!
id probably be able to do a tracy gtg...but my pos might not make it!
1 - 20 of 97 Posts
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