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Regional Thread: California

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Here ya go BooHoops :mullet:
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If anyone is interested, the Pick-N-Pull in North San Jose has a Dakota with either a 318 or 360(it's a C4C) has JBA shorty headers on them. The headers had some corrosion, but if the price is right I'm sure one of you guys might want to get them.
yo starscream (adam, right?) lil more info on that picknpull dak please!
It's a white 4wd 318 or 360 clubcab, not to molested. Still had a ton of decent parts on it on Sunday.

There were two other gen3 Dakotas one RED & the other Purple but they looked cleaned out. Only reason the white one wasn't touched much was cause it was tucked in with the minivans.

I also went to South San Jose PNP there was one gen2 I saw didn't look at it tho. I went to the Newark PNP and all they had was a cleaned out Durango.

There is Pick Your Part yard in Milpitas that I'm gonna check out this weekend and there might be another yard in San Jose, but I don't think it's self service.

I'm hoping that some dummie C4C a 360 with a 2bbl M1
u and me both haha! or maybe even a nice center console.. how were th seats in that white dak?
Some retard tried to take the seat cover off the drivers side seat, might still be ok tho. The pass side was clean and the centerconsole/seat was clean aswell. Didn't look at the backseat.
I think it was light grey.
I know for a fact that the carpet was a lighter grey than what I have in my R/T.

1065 Commercial St, San Jose, CA 95112

The White Dakota will be in row 17 surrounded by minivans
No way!

You sure you went to the one on Commercial St and not the one on Monterey Hwy?

The one on Monterey had no gen3, but had a gen2.

At the front desk when you pay $2 to get in you can ask that person to print a receipt that tells you what year Dakotas they have in stock and what row their located in. You might be able to do this over the phone now.
1 - 5 of 97 Posts
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