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Been searching though the forums but haven’t seen any info. I have a 2004 CC 4 wd with a 4.7 that I purchased in 2008 with 60k on it. P. O. took excellent care and used Mobile 1 every 5k oil change. Now after 12 years of my son’s high school, college and starting his own family, l now have it back. The engine has 248k and still runs but uses oil, not bad. Planning on buying a reconditioned 4.7 from Powertrain, like what I see with the upgrades. My question is in 2004, dodge made 2 versions, one with EGR head and one without. Mine is the EGR model with all the plumbing so what issues would there be if I went with the non EGR motor. I’m old school and like less smog hoses running everywhere. And no, I do not live in a emission testing state . Any advice welcomed.
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