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New to this forum, but not to Dak’s. I had a brand new 2000 quad cab when i was 24 and working at the Dodge dealer; fell in love with the truck immediately. The best (and some would say only true) mid-sized pickup with a V8 on the planet. Towed my race car and trailer to lots of races, lots of off-road adventures too.

Regardless of the known issues this truck has… there simply isnt another truck like it out there, the 97-04 gen2 is the peak of trucks in my opinion.

Now, 22 yrs later, iv been an ASE Master Tech for many years, and done just about everything a person can do in this industry. i’m in my 40’s now and I work for one of the biggest part suppliers in the auto game. It was time for another Dak.

I scoured the country for months, and finally found the beauty I bought 3 weeks ago. 02’ club cab, 59k original miles, no rust, and a great combination of options.

I have extensive experience in the industry, about parts, turning wrenches, customizing, and known issues with the Dak. Im here to help other Dak owners and get help from those who know more than me.

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