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Hey guys. Well to start off, about six months ago I ran my truck over a curb and blew both tires and bent my right front rim. Replaced Both tires and a rim and got an alignment and went on my way. Two weeks ago I hit a patch of ice and slid into a curb sideways and hit my right front rim again. Gashed the rim and he car is pulling to the right. Took it to my buddy's shop and he said the camber and sai, and toe is way off. Said I need a right lower control arm, new steering rack, bushings, and a support bracket for the rack is partially off the frame. Obviously this is a lot to do and will cost a lot of money. I have some questions:

1. Is doing all this even worn it, or should I ty to get rid of the truck as is?
2. If I should fix thisis, what order should I do them in. I have access to a full body shop and tools.
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