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Rear wings

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anyone know the differance between a keystone and a sarona rear wing?
2nd question anyone know where to get a rear wing at a good price in Canada?
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Never heard of Sarona. Their website looks cheap. Nearly everyone gets a Keystone and they have been proven to be fine. Just buy it online for the best price. The right part number is the right part number. Proper installation and paint is the most important part.

thanks for the input do you know if the keystones are bolt ons I don't think I trust 2-way tape
yes the keystone is a bolt on.i have one and it sets off the rango nicely.
Crappy tire deals with Keystone, and they are a common supplier for some of the shops down here. I bought my Keystone hood from local speed shop for $400 cheaper than Crappy!
thanks for the info guys I think I'll go with the keystone too but order it from the states, it still looks cheaper that way
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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