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This was made by a fellow member 70Cuda383, i sent him my glass to have it etched by him with the Ram Symbol:

This is definitely by far my favorite! ^

Let me know what you guys think! I wish i could take her out for a spin but she is in storage mode, in the spring i'll take her out and take some better pics :banana2:

This is the sale thread:http://www.dakota-durango.com/forum/showthread.php?t=105524

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That looks great! I'd get one, but smaller and of the "M" logo.

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Really cool concept/idea. I believe the operator is now going to become a vendor for these items.
Glad you guys like them. It was an idea I had one day and thought "eh, why not? let's give it a shot" I wanted something different than the standard stickers all over the glass that you see on so many "red neck trucks" (ok ok, so I too have stickers on my windows too!) I wanted something clean, simple, that stood out.

the cool part, in my opinion, is how the image fades away when it gets wet.

as far as being a vendor for them...Steve (that's Sin City's name, right?) asked me to pay the vendor fee to him if I'm selling these...so, the next sale I get, I won't make any money from, cause I'll have to pay him. I've only got 4 pieces of glass left though, so this is by no means going to become a side business with advertising and crap. at this point, the only thing that'll keep it going is people sending me their original glass back as "cores" but at some point, I'll run out of "customers" too, because each time I post this, I get about 50 "that's really cool, I'm interested" but only actually sell 1 or 2 pieces:jester:
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