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Rear Drum to Disc Brake Conversion Kits for Dakotas and Durangos

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I am making this thread to see if there is any interest for a rear disc brake kit. It fits both the 8 1/4" rear and 9 1/4" rear. The best part of all it will clear 15" rims so no need to do the 03/04 disc conversion that doesn't fit a 15" wheel.

Here is the kit: http://www.tsmmfg.com/2552.htm

Still working out the details but so far it is 20% off of 3 or more orders. So we only need three people to make this happen. I am one of the three so we actually need two at the bare minimum.

If interested just post up or PM me.

Again I'm still working on the details but so far it's 20% off three or more orders. We can get more than three people in also if the interest is there.

1. Last_in
2. t vago

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how much is it to actually have the full set of parts to put on?
(kit isnt complete. no calipers etc)
any way to get replacement rotors other than through them?
I'm finding out about pricing but with out the group buy price the cheapest you can get a complete kit with lines, calipers, and rotors is $429.95 plus shipping. Now assuming you get the 20% off that is $343.96 plus shipping for the complete kit. Now don't quote me on the price I'm still talking with them.

The rotors are stock 6 lug front Gen III rotors that have been modified. They back drill the rotors a little bit to fit your rear studs. www.r1concepts.com is the company that drills and slots the rotors for them.
Can the kit use un-modified rotors if the studs are changed? I'd rather change studs once than re-drill rotors every time. (and be able to use any aftermarket rotor I want)
I just sent them an email about this. I'm curious as well, I'll let you know what I find out.
Can the kit use un-modified rotors if the studs are changed? I'd rather change studs once than re-drill rotors every time. (and be able to use any aftermarket rotor I want)
From them:

If you watch the pads. The rotors should never have to be changed. The problem is not the studs, but the inside of the rotor by the fins. The rotor has to be machined because the fins hit the bracket.
Alright the updated info, they ship all the kits to one address to get the group price. All of the kits would have to be shipped to me and they want a lump sum payment, so I'm thinking it might not even be worth it covering shipping, paypal fees etc.

Unless two more people live close in Ohio and want the kit, I don't see this happening. Or if you are going to the National meet coming up, I could bring it to you there.
Could you get the mcahining specs form them to get your own rotors cut?? I'm the EBC slotted/dimpled rotors on the front of my truck right now and they are by far the best rotor I've ever used. And I've been through a few sets of rotors in my time.
Like 9t9-5.2 said, it wouldn't be very difficult to have a local machine shop do you up.

Do they sell pads with the calipers? What sort of pads would be needed?
The calipers from them come loaded, loaded meaning with pads. But for replacement pads just go to the local auto parts store and say you need brake pads for a 78 Monte Carlo or a 79 Eldorado. Depending on what caliper you decide to use.
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These are pics of the kit and installation of the kit. These are Aves pics over at dakotart. Hope you don't mind me using them!

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Yeh I'm with brian on this, can we get a rotor modification drawing?
Put an email in for you guys.

I'm tempted to do this, you would think they would be willing to do more for more sales?
You mean more than 20% off if we got more people? I doubt it and 20% off is a pretty good deal for a group buy. I think it would be hard to get even 5 people, heck as it looks right now I might be the only one.
I'm all over Ohio :)

How much for a complete kit? does anyone else here have them installed?
The basic kit ready to install $343.96 plus shipping. Shipping would be split with how ever many people get in this.

I'm sure some other people have it installed but the guy that installed them on the other forum said it was a very easy install and a good improvement over the stock drums.
Yeah, that'd be my biggest worry since they are custom rotors. Who knows if they'll be around in a few years so supply new ones?
The rotors are not custom. They are stock dakota/durango front rotors that have been machined to clear. Were working on getting the specs now but even with out them I can guarantee you can take the rotor that comes with the kit and a stock rotor to a local machine shop and they can replicate it.
No drawings but the diameter of the inside of the rotor needs to be opened up to 7.5".
Does anyone have a stock rotor that they could measure or know the inside diameter of the rotor?

I noticed they list a cable extension. Do we need an extension for the park cable?
You will need part number 3111, that is an adapter to allow your stock cables to work with the caliper.
but it uses GM parts....:sorry: I'd never hear the end...:blahblah: too many GM guys at work and only 3 Mopar guys left. sounds like a good deal but may be a PITA to replace parts...and rotors will need changed eventually.
You know sometimes it's just unavoidable. Just look what most people do with rear end builds, they put ford ends on them. It's just a caliper anyways.
I am asuming so but does this kit also work on the Gen I/II trucks as well? I think the axle flange offset is the same but I'm not sure
If the axle flange is in the same position it will fit and it will fit both the 9.25" and the 8.25". I don't know the axle specs for the older trucks off hand.

Count me in.
Sweet, tell me what you want. As in you're getting the basic kit that comes with the rotors, brackets, bolts. But do you want calipers also and brake lines or are you doing that your self? Check out their website and list what you want. Thanks!
I would need the kit plus the parking brake calipers (p/n 3110), S/S flex lines (p/n 3702-8), and parking brake cable extensions (p/n 3111).
Alright thank you! I'll put you down and try to get one more person.
Did you decide or figure out the shipping on these kits?
I am going to try to keep this local, or if your going to the national meet.
I am no longer going to run these brakes. Only two of us wanted them so I'm going to run '94-96 Jeep Cherokee rear brake setup.
I'm interested in a complete conversion... Whats the EXACT price?
Check the website or email them. I am no longer doing this buy since we only had two people.
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