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Rear Drum to Disc Brake Conversion Kits for Dakotas and Durangos

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I am making this thread to see if there is any interest for a rear disc brake kit. It fits both the 8 1/4" rear and 9 1/4" rear. The best part of all it will clear 15" rims so no need to do the 03/04 disc conversion that doesn't fit a 15" wheel.

Here is the kit: http://www.tsmmfg.com/2552.htm

Still working out the details but so far it is 20% off of 3 or more orders. So we only need three people to make this happen. I am one of the three so we actually need two at the bare minimum.

If interested just post up or PM me.

Again I'm still working on the details but so far it's 20% off three or more orders. We can get more than three people in also if the interest is there.

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2. t vago

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Hi... How are you doing with the rear drum-to-disc conversion? I'm looking at finally getting around to upgrade my '99 durango and have been shopping for kits. So far I'm seeing aboit $600-1000 for them. I wished I had bought the kit I saw a few years ago at half the bottom end price! *sigh*
Follow-up on Jeep Cherokee...

Hi. I was still looking around for a kit but not crazy about the prices being charged. Maybe I'm outa touch but they seem kinda high for what your get??? So, r u just swapping rear axles from a jeep or what's that about? Thanks.
1 - 2 of 66 Posts
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