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Hey there! I know this is primarily a gen 1 and 2 forum, but I wanted to share this with everyone. I have been wanting to do this since the motor swap, last September, but one thing at a time. The stock RT ratio is 3.09, which is a little too high, but I understand why it comes with it. It’s because they have to compete with fuel mileage range of other cross over SUV’s. The SRT comes with a 3.70 gear, which is too low for me. I would like to get somewhat decent fuel mileage. So I opted for the one in the middle, the 3.45. The swap is pretty easy and straight forward as long as you do the homework and make sure the axle shafts are the same. I believe the SRT diff requires different axels and maybe different mounts. I put together a video as best I could. I was working by myself for 90% of the project and found it hard to stop and film. So far, I am enjoying the low end it gained, but have not run it very hard yet. Fuel economy seems to still be good in the 19’s.
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