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I have a 06 AWD dakota slt 4.7 H.O and at just over 100k on it and started getting a cylinder 4 misfire so changed my plugs with 5 from the other side and it switched to cylinder 5. problem solved I thought coil or plug was bad. Replaced the coil and went for a drive ran great. Next time starting it anytime I would hit the gas it shut off as soon as it got back to idle speed. Started getting worse and shutting off at higher and higher rpms. Thought alternator so tore it apart and replaced the brushes that were about shot and fired right up and stayed running. Didn't go anywhere and shut it off. Next time I fired it up back with the misfiring but in cylinder one now. They were pretty new good brand coils and plugs so can't see 2 going bad already and tired of chasing the miss around. Always one cylinder when it does it but changes which one occasionly. Fuel injectors just cleaned and tested. So would appreciate any help. Don't know if it's a ground that's bad or if a bad alternator could do this. Love the truck and driving it til it's not possible to so looking for some advice. At a loss and getting frustrated. Only did the brushes on the alternator. Put my old coils and plugs (which were still far from being bad) back in to try and same confusing hell. Any help is much appreciated
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