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R/T-Auto to Manual Swap build thread

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I have had countless threads all stating the same thing so here is my build thread finally! I have most of the automatic sensors and cables unhooked and steering colum converted, auto driveshaft is out and I'm almost ready to put the manual pedal assembly in. Gray truck is the donor and that is now sold. Enjoy! I'll post plenty more pics as the build progress's.

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For what it`s worth, make certain your conversion vehicle AND donor are not security optioned, as this will all but eliminate chances of the project working. Also, confine your project entirely to either pre-2001 or 2002 up, vehicle and components. In 2001 pin-out patterns in the C-1,-2,-3 plugs of the PCM were altered radically. Apologies if this has already been covered.
Harsh,....That`s great news on the project. Hard to find, but easy to fix....the best kind of prob. Now that you`ve killed the gremlin, maybe you or others could suggest ideas for dealing with some bugs in my conversion. `00 Durango 4x4 5.9L AT, now with NV3500 installed. Ran well with AT PCM but would often lose idle when downshifting or rapid RPM drop. Today I installed a 2000 Ram 2500 5.9L Manual PCM. Runs fine and idle now holds always, BUT park brake warn light and ABS warn light are illuminated. I realize mixing parts from different platforms can be very poopy, but this is almost great. Any ideas?
One other thing, Harsh. How did you handle the wiring to the back-up lights switch, and wiring to the park-neutral switch. Are your back-ups functioning?
Harsh,...Just for a hoot, you might pull the Trans Relay fuse (F in PDC) and see if you lose the CELs....AND if you lose anything else that`s needed. Mine is running fine with that pulled, and the same CELs went bye bye. Regarding your P/N lead ground, maybe my point of ground wasn`t good enough, but I couldn`t get any start circuit with the BK/WT lead grounded. I am actually running with it spliced to the backup switch wire. WTF? Since I am no electronics wizard, and 100+ pages in the factory manual are wiring diagrams, this makes my teeth hurt. I love this conversion process because it`s such a damned challenge. P.S. Your truck sounds strong in the video.
"Hate" is a little strong. Most buyers of American vehicles don`t even waste thought about Jap crap. No matter how much money you sink into it, it`s still Jap crap,......... or T(u)RD.
1 - 5 of 220 Posts
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