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[QUICK TIP] Enable/Disable 15mph Auto Lock Option

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This is the procedure for enabling or disabling the "Auto Lock" option on 1997-up power lock equipped Dakotas and Durangos.

  1. Enter vehicle and close door
  2. Fasten seatbelt (prevents chiming which could interfere with procedure)
  3. Insert key, and turn ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON (do not turn the key to START)
  4. Press DRIVER's lock switch to LOCK
  5. You will hear one chime to confirm the option has been toggled
  6. Wait 30 seconds
  7. Turn key off

Repeat the procedure to re-enable.

**Note: For 2004+ Durango and 2005+ Dakota, you can also separately program the system to automatically unlock the doors when the shift lever is moved to PARK. The procedure is identical, but you press UNLOCK in step 4 to toggle this option.
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That's only a feature on 04+ Durango and 05+ Dakota unfortunately.
Just did this so much better then listening to the annoying noises my locks make
You could always replace the actuators.. Then you'd have WORKING power locks.. Now you'll never do it because that grinding noise isn't annoying the piss out of you! :D :D

Works. Feels great to have my option back on :D
You turn it to ON. It's the click where everything lights up but before it cranks..

The key positions are ACC(one click backwards)-LOCK-OFF-ON-START.

Also if you don't have the door closed and seatbelt on, you will be waiting too long for those chimes to finish to be able to tell if the computer is acknowledging the command.
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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