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quick, i need answers

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what is the widest tire that will fit on 15x6 wheels?

can i run yokohama avs db s2's on my truck even though they are for sports cars? my truck weighs ~4600lbs

nevermind, im just going to fix the leak and save up for new tires+wheels in the spring. where can i get some nice 17x10's for the back and 17x8's in the front? what tire sizes(widest) are those?
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check there to find some decent deals
will i be able to fit 17x10 wheels on my '96 dak? is the backspacing correct?
i know on the gen 3 dakotas ya can fit 17x10's so i would think there would be enough room on yours for them. but i would check to make sure
how would i check?
would 10 inch wide tires look too wide? what size tire width are those?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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