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ok what kind of headlight bulbs should i get i cant get to them from under the hood so how do i do it from the outside of the car?
what size fog lamps fit in the stock holes if they arent drilled yet and are the wiring harness already there?
what kind of plugs should i get and what gap?
what kind of wires should i get and anythig else to go with that?
will my k & n air filter really help me out?
when should i take the overdrive off and what speeds?

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1) Size 9007. The brand is up to you. You can remove them from behind if you pull out the 90-degree bend from the OEM air intake, but people with big hands can find this difficult. Otherwise remove the T-10 Torx screw from between the headlight and corner lens, pull the clear corner lens out of the vehicle, and the headlight is held in place by 3x 13mm bolts.

2) 4" round fog lights. It's best to buy the OEM style bulbs just because they include the proper mounting bracket. Otherwise many people use the Hella Optilux 2500 bulbs but you have to do a little macgyvering to get the brackets set. I do not know whether the wire harnesses are included in the vehicle by default.

3) Autolite 3923 with .040" gap.

4) Just about anything will work. One of the more popular performance wires are the Taylor 8mm Spiro-Pro wires, they only cost about $45 from Summit Racing or SoCal Dakota.

5) A K&N drop-in filter will help a bit with horsepower, but an aftermarket air intake like the FIPK or 360AirIntakez will help even more. You can even gain gas mileage with the swap as long as you can keep your foot out of the new horsepower.

6) The only time you want OD off is if you're towing or drag racing.
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