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Questions about my factory build sheet.

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Hey everyone. I have the factory build sheet for my 1992 Dakota. I have a few questions about it. What does the 200MM front axle mean? The factory code is DJAS. Can anyone explain what all of this mean? Thanks.


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The front axle is smaller than the rear which is very good info to have if you ever need to replace bearings or gears. Your rear axle is the 8.25 Corporate and the front being 200mm is 7.87402.
Ok, based on your build sheet you have a Dakota with a 3.9L V6, 4 speed automatic with 4wd. The rear axle is a Chrysler 8.25", the front axle is a Dana 35, however Chrysler recognizes it as a 200mm axle. The 200mm part comes from the diameter of the ring gear, in millimeters. The rear axle has a ring gear diameter of 8.25 inches, in standard measure. The reason the front is in metric and the rear is in inches is partly due to when the axles were first made. The rear has been around since the 60s, when metrics weren't in use. The front is much more recent. Further, the front axle was produced by Dana corp. Dana refers to this axle as the Model 35 or Dana 35. It is basically a light duty axle assembly and is used by Dodge, Ford, GM and Jeep. It is also offered as a front axle and a rear axle.

The particulars on your is, the axle housing is made out of steel (Prior to 97 all housings were steel. Post 97, these housings were made out of aluminum, strength is similar) Your axle is equipped with a 3.55 ratio gear (DMDS 3.55 ratio rear axle, the ratio applies to both axles if 4x4) You also have a factory limited slip in your rear axle. There was no limited slip differential available by the factory for your front axle.

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Ok. Thanks for the info. I have already got the parts list together for rebuilding the rear axle. Now, how do I get a parts list together for the front axle? I am just wondering because I will need to know what size bearings for the front axle.
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