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Hi my name is Jeff and I am a member of the Dakota R/T club. I am in my senior year at Youngstown State University majoring in Mechanical Engineering. For our senior design project we are making Traction bars for a honda civic (yea not my choice by far but it was what we got to work with). To test this we had to rent out Quaker City Raceway in Salem, Ohio. We need some more people to come and race with us on April 4th. It is 25 to race and 10 to watch. You get a t-shirt and free food with that. It is open to anything so if you wanna drive your 1990 ford festiva or a top fuel dragster you can. Basically you RUN WHAT YA BRUNG. If your interested you can contact me at [email protected]
Hope to hear from ya

00 CC R/T
100 shot NX
M1 Manifold
MSD ignition
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