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Push bar/ Grille guard

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Who's got 'em? How do you like 'em? Where did you get 'em? How much did you pay for 'em? Can i see some pictures of 'em? :)

i've had my two-tone SLT CC for less than a month, and i'm paranoid of messing up the (ick, plastic) bumpers, coming out of a 20-year-old 3/4-ton Chevy that i push cars around with. Most of what i'm finding on the web consists of stock pictures of some generic push bar floating in space, and either a "call for price", or "click here for a list of dealers a hundred or so miles away from you" link. What have you guys got out there in the real world, and how does it look?


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I have the Dodge Tubular brush guard painted to match. My quad is black. I like it a lot. I follows the body lines of the truck. My came on the truck when I bought it but you can pick one up at the dealership or order one . They cost $459 now.
Yeah. The Mopar brush guard is the one in the pic. Its actually pretty sturdy. I'm not sure what gauge steel, but its decently thick. It mounts right to the frame and its solid. I've got a set of Hella off road lights mounted to mine also.
Do you mean like this?
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That looks tough! I like that a lot. :mullet:
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