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Notice: Special Pricing on the Jimmi Jammer!

A common method being used to break into vehicles lately is to break in through the door handles. Instead of smashing glass all over the place, the thief uses a large screwdriver or similar device and merely punches through the thin plastic of the handle, exposing the hardware inside. Apparently because of how the factory alarm is wired, if a thief accesses the door hardware directly it will not set off the alarm, giving the thief free access to the inside of your vehicle.

Jimmi Jammers are metal plates which are installed inside of your doors, behind the plastic handles. These plates help prevent thieves from gaining access to the inside of your vehicle should they try to punch through with this method.

Jimmi Jammer FAQ's are available here:
http://www.jimmijammer.com/JJ FAQs.htm

The manufacturer (Redline Technical Group) has arranged for a special 20% discount off of MSRP (MSRP is $35.95 plus shipping) to run through 12/31/03. Per the manufacturer the Dakota/Durango models were recently updated to enhance the lock cylinder protection, so be careful about any specials you may see on other sites, they are most likely flushing obsolete inventory.

Models are available for a wide variety of GM, Ford, and Dodge Trucks as well as some Honda and Acura vehicles.

If interested, please contact me at [email protected]


Think this can't happen to you? Here are some quotes I pulled from Dakota/Durango Websites (partially edited to remove off-topic content):

Author: DougsDakrt
It started when someone tried to break into my truck last week. They tried to wedge a screwdriver under the door handle assembly, causing enough damage to need a new doorskin. Today (a week and a half later) the truck is ready for pickup.

Author: Quikkota
Came out to a nice surprise this morning. This would be the reason for the alarm thread I started. Someone thought I needed a few new holes. Luckily there was Dodge strength on my side and they didn't get my stereo goodies. Identical damage on both sides. Drivers side door will still not open. Took it apart and straightened the door release, but it won't grab. I look real cool climbing in thru the passenger window.

Author: Trevgraphrt
(The alarm normally) goes off when the door is opened. they pryed the door handle and opened the door the alarm or horn never went off. I had nothing in my truck, but the took my service book, owners manual and insurance and registration.

Author: Ginther
Yes, prying the door handle up is very common. I'm a police officer and nearly every Chevy I have seen burglarized, they hit the door handles. This is the first Dodge I've seen done though. Apparently it doesn't work that well on Dodges. LOL! I guess they use this technique cuz it's quiet. Breaking a window is fast and effective, but it draws alot of attention.

Author: BlkDak
7am this morn i go to my truck and someone had tried to steal it. I go to unlock my door and its already unlocked.. i get in and look at the other door and its unlocked... Then i look and see the casing around the ignition is ripped off and thrown all over the cab.. I get out .. Then to discover that there is a HOLE punched through my door on the passenger side *I get freaking mad as it is if anyone scratch's it* and the door handled is all mangled up and the door doesnt work. NIce thing to wake up too ! Now im driving a TOyota tercel courtesy car.. Im in a nice nieghbourhood.. but apparently its been going on the last month and they've did their rounds on all the cars... Also attempted on my Girlfriends car aswell we found out 1/2 hour later.. sorry... i just to let it out...

Author: Dale
Last night some little (edited) broke into my truck! I have a 2002 club cab 4x4 with the factory alarm. They used a screwdriver under the bottom peice of plastic around the door handle, like they were doing for the 94-01 Rams, but I didn't think they would be able to get in with out setting the alarm off, it's 15 feet away from my windo and i didn't here anything, and i when i unlocked it, it didn't honk 3 times to tell me if went off in the night. The manual says that there are only 2 ways is disarm the alarm, one is to use the key fob, and the other is to insert the key and turn the cylinder over. Well all i have to say is that the factory alarm is junk, if you can get in with out setting it off, them why bother having it? I even tested it and it works, but only if someone was to break the window, so tomorrow i'm gonna give my dealer (edited) and try to get them to pay my insurance. Just wondering if anyone else out there has had the same problem with the factory alarm

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VERY easy install...

You just remove 5 screws from the door panel (2003 Durango), lift up on the panel to remove it, disconnect the lock and latch linkage at the handle end...let the door panel hang down and support with a milk crate.....

Peel back the plastic, remove the plastic plug in teh door jam end of the door to access the 2nd handle nut , remove the two nuts and manipulate the plate into position per teh instructions....

I had to modify my plates slightly to make tehm work..I forwarded pics to Redline and they are going to pass this info on to those who have 2003 Ds....

Reassemble and you are done.

Very easy. ABout 30-40 minutes tops per door once you modify the plates if needed.

Just an note: These plates will prevent/slow down the thief from getting in via the screwdriver method...what it WONT do it stop them from trying tob egin with, as you cant see the plate...Redline provides window stickers to alert the crook.....USE THEM!


petrock said:
how are they installed?
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