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Protect Your Truck!

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This thread has been created so people can discuss various ways to protect their trucks and parts from theft.
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First thing i would say is that if at all possible, don't park on the street.

In a lot of subdivisions, like the one I live in, I see people all the time parking on the curb in front of their house.

A while back a bunch of kids was going around in these neighborhoods breaking into cars that were parked on the curb like that. I always park as close to the garage door as i can, and make sure the motion sensor lights are on.

When in public places, I park as close to the door of whatever establishment I may be going to. If that isn't possible, I park under one of the lights. If your vehicle is in a dark corner of a parking lot, to me it is more inviting for a thief than one in the open well lit areas.

Aside from that, I just keep a eye on my truck wherever I may be.

And I have been at peoples apartments, coming out to leave, and saw people standing very close to my vehicles as if they were about to try and break in, I'm not gonna lie or say this to make myself out to be a bad ass, but yea, I pulled my gun on them, and they duck and run too!
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And it also helps that my backyard is very close to the garage and driveway, and in that backyard, I have a German Shepherd who will bite your face off at my command, so at night, or anytime of day, you won't get in my yard or driveway without her letting us know lol
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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